Tyme to Play: Game of Zee Ages!! - (Year - 1993)

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Tyme to Play: Game of Zee Ages!! - (Year - 1993)

Post by Startyde on Thu Oct 09, 2008 8:50 pm

I'm bored outta my mind, so here's a new game.

It's called Game of Zee Ages. Basically, you choose a year, and have to name what you consider your favorite game of that year to be. You can use any reasoning you want, but in the end it's a personal preference more than a social or world statement.

This thread's year: 1993

Now, for me...I knee jerkingly want to flat out and say Doom. I mean, I know Wolfenstien 3D invented pioneered the modern genera that is FPS, but let's be honest, punching pixilated Nazis just not as fun as watching impaled bastards suffering in hell. I remember watching a pirated version in our middle school comp lab and being blown away. I wouldn't even own a computer until 4 years later, so it was quite the shock to see what platform that didn't rhyme with Super Nintendo, could produce. Ironically, though a terrible port, I loved Doom for SNES.

My next inclination is: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Arguably the finest game developed for the original GB. The story was great, graphics superb and to this day, the damn end theme brings a tear to my eye. In fact, I haven't played a Zelda game as good as Link's Awakening in a decade. Ocarina of Time? Good but not great. Majora’s Mask? More interesting premise, but still a no go. Wind Waker? Are you f'n kidding me? Twilight princess? Possibly could have been there, if it wasn't a total essential rip-off LotR and pseudo Okami...even though Okami pretty much ripped of Zelda. So ya, Link's awakening...Grade A in my book.

But nope, these two are not the number one. The best game of 1993 was: MYST.

I don't care what nay sayers think, the point and click genera is amazing! Myst was a full fledged outlook into what intense, CG generated graphics could bring to the gaming industry. A great ploy, amazing graphics done on 4 Mac workstations, and a deep lore than transcended 5 sequels (Uru was awesomeness to the extreme) make it a very missed and very nostalgic game. I'm saddened that the world has moved away from this simple concept of diverse exploration and puzzle solving. People praise Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, as they should, but that formula was always present in the Myst universe and I feel it never got the attention it deserved after Riven. Myst, you will always be in my head and my heart.

The ending is yet to be written.

So that's my take. What say you peeps?
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Re: Tyme to Play: Game of Zee Ages!! - (Year - 1993)

Post by Gemini-Phoenix on Fri Oct 10, 2008 6:01 am


The Jaguar, 3DO, CD32, and Mega Cd were released that year, but 1993 for me was all about GameBoy and Mega Drive. Although there were fine games released for both (And others), I would definitely have to choose Link's Awakening - Even if you hadn't mentioned it above, it's the one game I immediately think of when you mention 1993, and still one of my favourite games of all time

My other choices would be Puggsy and Cannon Fodder for the Mega Drive.

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