Steelbook Dvd's ~ Collecting Phenomenon?

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Steelbook Dvd's ~ Collecting Phenomenon?

Post by Gemini-Phoenix on Thu Oct 30, 2008 10:13 am

Lately I have found I seem to have an obsession with two things. The first is X360 LE's and CE's. The other is Steelbook Dvd's. I was wondering if anyone else here collects these Steelbook's? They are starting to become extremely collectable, especially some of the exclusives and older titles.

I personally stick to the UK released Dvd's, but there are huge markets for such collectables in Germany, Spain, and The Netherlands, as well as the US. Some UK ones are rather sought after, such as the recently released Cloverfield which features a second disc of extras. Some others, such as Scum, Silent Hill, and Total Recall were available for a very limited time only and in small numbers. Likewise, there are a lot of import Steelbook's which are sought after too, which were unreleased here in the UK. (So far I have no intention to collect the foreign Steelbook's, although I may branch out at a later date once I have obtained the majority of the UK editions)

There's also the Definitive Edition series (34 titles to date) and the Cinema Reserve series (17 titles so far), as well as various collections, such as the Gangster's collection which comprises of five of the most well known gangster films.

I have found that whilst collecting the ones I wanted, there were few that didn't really appeal to me, but which I found appreciation for through the fact that they have been nicely presented. With every new Steelbook release, my appreciation for the standard increases, and every now and again one comes along which has amazing design presentation! I've also recently taken to collecting the Blu-Ray Steelbook Dvd's, although these seem to be rather limited at the moment (10,000 BC and Sweeney Todd so far)

The phenomenon for collecting these Steelbook's has even spread to YouTube, where collector's showcase their Steelbook collection's!

So, does anyone else specifically collect Steelbook's, or do you have any as part of your regular Dvd collection? Are they something that would interest you, or even inspire you to buy films you would usually not have previously considered buying?

I'm interested what you guys in other countries (Especially Germany!) think of these specially packaged Dvd's, and whether any of you collect them at all

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